Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Just two days ago, i had this huge outburst of thoughts, which I wanted to pen down...everythin from life to issues to current affairs...
Oh well...i have none now...
Need to get over my grumpiness....somethin has been botherin me...need to pinpoint what...

Friday, February 01, 2008

first week

I already have a deadline....
crazy busy at work already....sign of things to come ??

anyway ...been fun so far...
irrespective of the rumors floating around :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

I am Bak

Almost 2 years after my last post....
a lot has happened...I have grown, I have changed...people have changed....,
Irrespective, they have been an eventful couple of years...each day has taught me something new...

Now as I again step into altogether another world ...I think it will be worthwhile to put down some thoughts, some experiences, some random musings....subject to the availability of time.....

I hope to continue this for a longer while, this time around ...:)

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Saw Rang De Basanti over the weekend. A fine script, great screenplay, brilliant acting, amazing camerawork..blah blah...

But one thing that really stood out was the DIRECTION. An absolutely new (atleast for me) concept of story telling. Use of metaphors, parallel stories in different time periods and an excellent climax just makes this movie experience unforgettable. It was fascinating how each protagonist starts portraying two different characters belonging to different eras, but as the movies progresses, slowly, start merging into one. One must see it to believe it!!

P.s. : Roobaroo just took the honors of being My Favorite Song. (atleast one of my favorite)


Sunday, January 22, 2006

Driving Lesson-I

Sat on the driver's seat after a looong time.......

Yes, I am a 22 year old and i still got drivophobia. And I am just partly to be blamed. For the remainder, I blame
  • The damn surd who beat me when I banged his car. That was a time when I didnt suffer from the above disease, had just got my license, and I think I was a better driver back then. Lost all my confidence, cos of that incident.
  • Mumbai roads...Bloody, one has to stop and restart more times than you actually drive.
  • Clutches!!...I just cant start my car from first gear without its share of jerks and stops....And this happens on open roads....I dread the day when I get stuck in traffic. (Needless to say, the traffic would have been caused due to my great driving neways)...

Went out with dad to resume my driving lessons, suspended 8 months back.... As usual, on the open back-road where I wanted to zoom at 90k, dad kept making stop and restart the car from first gear....And I did just that...stop...start...jerk....stop...start again...jerk...stop.....start once again...drive for 2 min...dad yells stop.....urgghhhhh...(Just when I had successfully picked up the car from first gear w/o any jerk and wanted to speed away...dad had to butt in..)

P.s:.. Hopefully this series will have many more parts to it...and soon..


Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Learning to live without a cell

Its funny how addiction works......

Its funnier how you dont even realise that you have one......

A crowded bus...a bastard thief....an unsuspecting 'me'....and a stolen cell....... was all that was required to change my life upside down.....

Ok, it wasnt that dramatic, but life without a cell phone is something that took quite an effort to get used to.... Even two weeks after the incident I still, at a subconsious level, feel its presence.......I hear someone's ringtone and I reach out for my pocket.......I feel something move besides me and my first reaction is that my cell is vibrating..aargh!! (ABSOLUTELY NO PUNS INTENDED!!)....

Anyways.... its interesting how one gets so used to some things in life and yet notice or recognise their presence only in their absense.............

Cheers ;-)

P.S.: Looking for a suitable,smart, good looking, "foreign born" and already engaged "cell phone" ;-))

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A blog a month....

Well, it seems thats what this space has been reduced to now. It has become a blog per month...and the way things are going...heck .... I dont want to predict.....

Last few days have been a bit of a different experience. Changing work environments...read IIT to I-flex. The former was not time bound..was independent work...and above all no restrictions on attire.

Getting into formals every morning is a real pain in the a!@!.... Heck I dont even know how to put on a tie...(Thank God ties only on Mondays..)

First day at I-fex kind of felt like first day in school. Getting up early in the morning...putting on my uniform..yea thats what i call formals.... bunch of unknown faces.... etc etc...
Only difference being being, unlike in school...I did not cry this time ;-)...On the contrary felt like laughing and cracking up big time....hehe

P.s : My brain has just been fed with a wierd concotion of orange juice, Red bull and a bit of beer. So do excuse me if the above sentences are random, stupid or if they dont make sense.

Cheers ;-)

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Is this my blog ?

Why dont I blog regularly anymore ?

Why did I start a blog in the first place?

Whats been up with me, lately?

Is the project taking too much time?

Am I just getting bored and pretending to be ultra busy?

Is it a bit of both?

Whats the difference between interpolation and approximation?

Have I gone insane?

Did I just prove it by performing this excercise?

Is this gonna be the last question?

Whose line is it anyway?

Cheers ;-)

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Surface Modeling

The image is the original surface.

The image on the left is the above surface when noise is added. This surface is given as input to the program.

Finally, the image on the left is the surface outputted from my program.

Well, if you cant make out the difference....and wondering what the hell is going on.... check out the images below...

The one on the top shows the difference in the noisy and the original surface...all spikes etc....yikes!!!

Wheras the one at the right is the difference in the surface outputted from the program and the original noise....no spikes...much smoother...which implies...o/p is much closer to original surface...


P.s: Dont care to ask if you didnt understand anything.

Cheers ;-)

Friday, August 12, 2005


" What is this life, so full of it
No time to stand, no time to shit!!!!"

~ William Harry Doshi.

He hehe ehe

Cheers ;-)